Trade HERizons

Trade HERizons course participants building a baby barn
Trade HERizons participants helping out with a cottage build at Holland College

Trade HERizons is a project designed to increase the number of women in non-traditional trades and technology occupations on PEI. Women's Network PEI supports unemployed and underemployed women explore, prepare for, obtain and maintain employment in the trades and industrial technology fields. Additionally, WNPEI works with employers to create a culture of diversity in the workplace, which supports women's full participation in non-traditional workplaces.

Why Do We Need Trade HERizons?

Women bring new skill sets and abilities to non-traditional job sites... a diverse workforce is a stronger workforce. As well, there is a shortage of skilled workers in these areas. And finally, jobs in these fields are well paid which enables women to transition from poverty to a sustainable livelihood.

Project Funders

Funding provided in whole or part by Canada-PEI Labour Market Development Agreement and/or the Government of Canada through the Canada–PEI Job Fund

Skills PEI Status of Women Canada

Project Status

Trade HERizons career exploration and college prep program started in 2010. Over the years the program courses have been offered in a number of different ways and lengths of time. Courses are free to eligible participants. 

The next session of Trade HERizons will begin in January 2018. Intake will begin in November 2017.